Friday, June 22, 2007


I wanted to write a story
But it turned ugly
I thought real hard
But I just couldn’t make it click
I believed in happy endings
But just cant seem to concoct one for now!!
Am I losing what I held so precious??
I don’t believe in my own smile any more
One after the other the pins start falling
And what gets me is that no one is even rolling!!
My NOT being tired scares me a bit
I wish I could just be…
“Why” is something I have taught myself not to ask
And I have taught myself not to mull
There is only a trudging on
Only a senseless, random flight
There is an “I don’t care” toss of head
And I go right at it again!!!


Varun Sood said...

The story has turned out to be decent
appears to be based on something recent

though i cant see a happy ending to the tale
ur smile is enough to brighten a day which was pale

all your effort is towards making a perfect life complicated
even when thinking and mulling is outdated

"i dont care" if the pins are falling or rolling
till the time u r smiling !!!!

Nakul Sharma said...

lucky fo u..ur mood swings are only temporary..this sad blunt work of art(which has bn so beautifully writtn :P) will only earn u a nice thrashing frm me.. f the best compositions i've eva read..luvly piec f wrk!!

deee said...

nice one ;)

Himanshu Bhagat said...

u do think ..and random thoughts pluck ur a few of ur 'creations'. Keep up th good work! u can read me at :



Anirudh 'Lallan' Choudhry said...

hmm..bahut dino baad aaya hun yahan...! u still..

The Super Wild Story said...

There is an “I don’t care” toss of head
And I go right at it( again!!!