Tuesday, December 05, 2006

m feelin fine!!!

ve to pick ma thots...
ve been runnin fr too long nw...
ve to face wotever it wz dat i fought..

pain wz a constant companion
but nw ve decided to smile
not jst smile thru d ruin dat wz my life..
but for a life where i thrive!!

lifez essentialy gud,ve discovered
d pain is real i know
but when it rules ur life n all ur thots,
its just self pity,dats vulgar n low!!!

i knw i ve yet to c a lot..
whn one's cryin,our own tears r all v cn c..
but i stand humbled now..
n a lot more matured i cn claim 2 b!!!


Tensor said...

m high purva, had lot of alocohol, yet i m reading ur blogs..

life is gud!
pain is a constant companion!

why i m liking pain then?
donno blah blah blah

may be i m pretending 2 myself!
whatever nice posts..

tarun-remember me?

lunatic legacy said...

i don know what made me write here, but whatever it is, it was impossible 4 me not to write after readin it. may be u have nothing to do with sentiments or u have gone through a lot. "d pain is real i know". somethings r not difficult to make out from what u write n it is one of them. won't say it is one of the best i have read till date, but it conveys what it wants to. thats all i think, i have to say. take care n keep writin. u r NOT BAD at it n perfection is not too far away.

Sorabh said...

simple n movin....i cn feel the emotions one must have to write so deep stuff...profondly moving....
keep up the good work

PS:do leave a comment

suprabh said...

hmmm,.,,thats some optimism...i guess its time we rechristened "pain"

Ships said...

....nice attempt...i liked this part a lot...mayb coz i've written a lot on d same topic many a times...
but ya wid time....i realised one thing,which has now becum da truth of my life..*pain knws no shame,nd one should be ashamed if he reaches god's door in his company....*...