Friday, September 01, 2006


i wish sleep came easy today
now i'm left with nothing on my bed
i'm left to wonder if the silence we endured
wasnt better than this void..

pl come back,pl tell me its all fine
pl hold me and dont let me speak..
dont let me confirm all the doubts
i wish u'd prove me wrong..

i cant wish u happiness without me
i hope u cant get me out
u told me u needed me
i cant imagine that u lied!

i m still waiting here
i wish sleep would come
because it pains,it pains a lot..
to wish for u to come..


m still here... said...

dont hold on to the pain.. n it ll go away.....

r said...

cmon purva.
follow it by some good thoughts.

Sidharth said...

this one is really gud...i just luv it...