Tuesday, August 15, 2006

this is my b'day gift frm lallan!!

i will give you a poem when u wake tommorow
it will be a peaceful poem
it wont make u sad
it wont make u msierable
it will simply be a poem to give you
when u wake tommorow

it was not written by myself alone
i cannot lay claim to it
i found it in your body
in your smile i found it
will u recognise it?

you will find it under your pillow
when you open the cupboard it will be there
you will blink in astonishment
shout out"how it trembles"
its nakedness is startling! how fresh it tastes

we will have it for the breakfast
on a table lit by loving
at a place resreved for wonder
we will give the world a kissing open
when u wake tommorow

we will offer it to the sad landlord out on the balcony
to the dreamers at the window
to the hand waving for no particular reason
we will offer it
and amazing and most remarkable thing
we will offer it to the whole human race
which walks in us
when we wake tommorow

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

i tried

i tried nd failed..
life didnt look bright...
i tried,i tried..

i knew d stakes were high..
i just couldnt c d end..
i percieved d thorny patches..
at d end of d tunnel,there was no light
but i tried,i tried..

d way looked promising
d wheather was nice..
it wasnt raining
and d sun wasnt too bright
thats why,i tried,i tried..

i saw a whole new world
a lot of truths and some lies
i saw behind all d facades
from where i stood at d great height
and so i m glad..i tried,i tried..