Wednesday, July 26, 2006

when i ws a kid

.....i dont know how this one starts or ends..just found this scrap in an old file..must b atleast 10 yrs old..older goes..

...and be tomboyish all the more
my passions will increase
my loves multiply
but my freedom wont be sacrificed!!!
the thrill wont die!!!

thats how i c my future
quite different from yours,isnt it?
but thats d way it is!
not like my parents' or yours..
thats what i think now
i wish i will think the same
ten years henceforth.


m still here... said...

n dat feelin is still there?? huh?? good..

purva said...

i'll give u a practical demonstration when i meet u!

r said...

shows in a totally different light.great.
(ofcourse if it is original then only.:))

r said...
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r said...

delete my pic from this post.ive not auhorized u to use my pics.....
use ur own ugly pics here.