Thursday, July 27, 2006


d waves r crashing
d sound resounds
its painful fr d wave,
but its jst one in d crowd..

howls in pain..
it shrieks nd shouts..
d motion it cant stop
it jst cant turn around..

d rocks' all wet
for ages thts been its fate
slapped nd beaten
to b in d way of a gentle wave

d unlikely warriors
caught in an unwilling battle
d defeated though shattered
d victor not triumphant

and he says...
look how beautiful it all looks!!!


Anirudh 'Lallan' Choudhry said...

amazin work....!

m still here... said...

hmmm.. like MR.lallan said.. it is good,,,

I was never gone....just lost for a while said...

very nice yaar....gud

r said...

MY GOD.such an innocence.
(for pic)
MY GOD.iska kya matlab hai?ye kis language me likha hua hai?
(for literature)

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