Thursday, July 27, 2006


had been left for dead..
vultures were flocking to me
i wanted u touch me to see if i still AM
..u held me for an eternal while!!!

my great fall had left me dazed..
everything broken and trampled on
i wanted u to help me stand
..u walked wth me that lonely mile!!!

d stage was set,my soul was warmed..
d frozen thoughts were finally drawn
i wanted u to wipe my tear
...nd u showed me how to smile!!!


Anirudh 'Lallan' Choudhry said...

acche posts se shuru ho kar degrade ho acchi baat nahi hai..!

purva said... ye itna bura tha!!i'm trying..i'm trying!!

m still here... said...

learn to do all dat.. by urself... u kno wat i mean eh???

falco348 said...

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