Thursday, July 27, 2006


had been left for dead..
vultures were flocking to me
i wanted u touch me to see if i still AM
..u held me for an eternal while!!!

my great fall had left me dazed..
everything broken and trampled on
i wanted u to help me stand
..u walked wth me that lonely mile!!!

d stage was set,my soul was warmed..
d frozen thoughts were finally drawn
i wanted u to wipe my tear
...nd u showed me how to smile!!!


aaj tumhara khayal nahi aaya..
muddaton se jis din ka intezaar tha
aaj wo din aa gaya
fir ye dil kyun bhar aaya?

hasi,jo gum si ho gayi thi
kyun uss hasi pe rona aa gaya?

socha tha ek din jeeloongi firse
fir aaj jeekar kyun maut ka khayal aa gaya?

naam to kafi gehra likha tha tumhara
in raaston pe,in raaton pe..
ye naya mukhota to nahi hai
to itni jaldi wo naam kaise khurad gaya?

khush to bohot hun aaj main..
par ye bekhudi ka khayal kyun aa gaya?
this one's lallan's of my fav.s...

jane kyun mukhauta laga nikalte ho bahar
aawaz-e-neeyat se baad mein pehchane to jaate ho
ab to taare bhi kam pad gaye hain aasmaan ke saare
har mulakat pe jo naya naam batate ho



d waves r crashing
d sound resounds
its painful fr d wave,
but its jst one in d crowd..

howls in pain..
it shrieks nd shouts..
d motion it cant stop
it jst cant turn around..

d rocks' all wet
for ages thts been its fate
slapped nd beaten
to b in d way of a gentle wave

d unlikely warriors
caught in an unwilling battle
d defeated though shattered
d victor not triumphant

and he says...
look how beautiful it all looks!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

when i ws a kid

.....i dont know how this one starts or ends..just found this scrap in an old file..must b atleast 10 yrs old..older goes..

...and be tomboyish all the more
my passions will increase
my loves multiply
but my freedom wont be sacrificed!!!
the thrill wont die!!!

thats how i c my future
quite different from yours,isnt it?
but thats d way it is!
not like my parents' or yours..
thats what i think now
i wish i will think the same
ten years henceforth.